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IT Maurizio Cannavò aka The NextOne

M2XC Dancer, Coach, DJ, MC, Rapper, Songwriter, Producer

former member

- of Battle Squad
- of European Allstars

and8 TV:
Today's guest is a legend. Maurizio The Next One, hailing from Italy, started breaking, producing, DJing and recording in the 80s, before heading more to the US in the 90s and becoming part of the legendary "Rock Steady Crew". While a lot of breakers look up to him because of his innovations like with power footworks and space flow, his contributions in music are just as big. He's performed and produced a bunch of greats and became part of Gang Starr Foundation for example. Maurizio goes deep on...
and8 TV:
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and8 TV:
  • great emotions at the Outbreak Europe Festival 2014
  • from 25th till 27th July 2014 in Banská Bystrica (Slovakia)
  • with Catch the Flava Camp, Battles, Parties and The Blast
  • many national and international top dancers
and8 TV:
Outbreak Europe Hip Hop Festival 2014Judges ShowcaseJuly 26, 2014Banská Bystrica, Slovakia