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DE Roman Proskurin aka Raw-Mantic

R1XP aka Romantic, Kid Robot
Dancer, Choreographer, Dance pedagogue, Coach, Director, Organizer, Manager
37 Years
from Workuta (Russia)
at present Ellwangen (Germany)
active since 1998


of WoMans Work Crew
of Style Crax
since 2012 of KeraAmika
since 2014 of The Tribe

former member

2006 - 2011 of Battle Toys

  • Carinthian X Break 2017 in Feldkirchen in Kärnten (Austria)
  • at Kulturforum Amthof on Saturday March, 18th 2017
  • Winner 1vs1 Breaking: The Wolfer (Morocco/Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 All Style Kids: Tic & Polo (Austria)
  • Winner 2vs2 Mixed Style: Argi (Austria) & Tomi (Slovenia)
  • Winner Red Bull BC One Wildcard: Mogli (Austria)
  • Judges: Cico (IT), Gava (IT), Raw-Mantic (DE), Olgalock (AT), Funky T (AT)
  • Music: DJ Uncle Willi (AT) and DJ Poppin D (AT)
  • Host: Manuel Pölzl aka Da Bürgermasta (AT)
and8 TV:
  • KeraAmika will teach and perform at Eve Dance 2015
  • the team will give different workshops in the field of Urban Dance
  • at the Urban Dance Shows they will perform their famous show
  • all members of the group will be there
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