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CH Walter Petrongolo aka Crazy

W1XP aka Crazyone, B-Man Crazy
Dancer, Choreographer, Dance pedagogue, Coach, Host, MC
58 Years
from Littau, Lucerne (Switzerland)
active since 1983

  • Battle of the Year Partner Meeting Europe & Zurich 2016
  • in Zurich (Switzerland) from 22 till 24 January 2016
  • with a lot of BOTY partners, organisers and guest speakers
  • intensive programme with working groups, discussions and presentations
and8 TV:
More about that you will get at www.srf.ch
  • Battle of the Year (International) 2015 Main Event
  • Winner of the battles are Floorriorz (Japan)
  • Winner of the best show are Doble K.O. Team (Spain)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award for Walter Petrongolo aka Crazy
  • Showact by Bad Newz Allstyle Crew from Germany
  • Jury: Mounir, Menno, Katsu, Crazy and Kujo
  • 53 Bboys and Bgirls participate in the 1vs1 Bboying Battle
  • official qualification for 1vs1 BOTY International & Freestyle Session
  • 6 crews participate in BOTY Central Europe
  • 5 crews take part in the new BOTY Kidz battle
  • Soul Mavericks win Best Show and the battles
  • Bboy Sunni winns the 1vs1 Bboying Battle
  • Winners of the kidz battle are the Groov All-Stars (Switzerland)
  • 428 visitors in the Volkshaus Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Walter Petronogolo aka Crazy has turned 50 on 25 June 2015
  • He ranks among the oldest B-Boy legends in Europe
  • More than 300 guests were invited
  • Exhibition with photos, posters & unique collector's pieces
and8 TV:
The infamous Circle Industry 2015Salzburg // Austriawww.circleindustry.at