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IT Alessandra Chillemi aka Alessandrina

A7ZC Tänzerin
23 Jahre
aus Messina (Italien)
derzeit Mailand (Italien)

Alessandra Chillemi, aka Alessandrina, hails from Messina (Sicily). She’s living and studying in Milan. She started breaking when she was only 6 years old and started to compete when she was 8. In the last years she won several competitions.

Highlights & Erfolge

• BC One Cypher Italy 2019
• First Place, 1vs1 B-Girl al “BBoy Contest International – Marsiglia (Francia)
• First Place, 1vs1 B-Girl (Italy Represent) al “BBoy Europe 2017” – Calais (Francia)
• Top 8, 2vs2 B-Girl a “The Notorious IBE, 2015” – Heerlen (Olanda)
• First Place, 1vs1 B-Girl a “International Street Dance Fest, 2015” – Nova Gorica (Slovenia)


bei Marittima Funk Crew

and8 TV:
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