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FR Marlone Alvarez aka Marlone

M9VA Tänzer
21 Jahre
derzeit Bordeaux (Frankreich)
aktiv seit 2012

Highlights & Erfolge

2020 - Top 32 | Top32 1vs1 The Legits Blast Online 2020


bei Immigrandz Crew

and8 TV:
Experience vs. Youth Gotta see who takes this one At Red Bull BC One Camp France, battles can go down anytime, anywhere...with anyone And that's exactly what happened when this showdown of generations went down Good vibes comin' up! Old School squad - Jey, Yaman, Valentine, Lilou, Keyz, Houcine, P'TI Moh, David ColasNew Generation crew - Damani, Marlone, Carlota, Kid Mario, Lyam, Taz, Mathis, AngeMissed out on Red Bull BC One Cypher France 2022? Check out what went down: https://win.gs/Cypher_Fr...