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JP Tsuki Iinuma aka Tsukki

T6ZS Tänzer
16 Jahre
aus Osaka (Japan)


bei Formless Corp.
bei Amaze Crew

Tsukki war bei

+ 08.10.2022 CH DPC JAM 2022
+ 04.04.2020 global Groove E Session
+ 30.11.2019 CH DPC Jam 2019
+ 23.11.2019 CH Groove Session 2019

and8 TV:
Taipei Bboy City Online Video Callout Battle Final RoundMatch 5 - Tsukki vs LorenzoIn the Final Round, we have 10 judges from all over the world, they will choose the best 4 Bboys or Bgirl from the Top 16 dancers, to get the ticket to TaiwanLet's battle for fighting COVID19!-Who takes the win? Leave your decision in the comment below
and8 TV:
IN HARD TIMES, WE DO NOT GIVE UP, WE INNOVATE!WATCH THIS AMAZING FINALUNIQUE in the world, Groove E Session presents to you its second edition featuring 8 of the finest international bboys. 8 former participants of Groove Session with their attitude, their incredible performances, but overall their unique STYLE.DJ JoniboyMC ArturXak | XVII Generation / Arcopom | SpainShlag | Chasseurs de primes | FranceRoxrite | Renegades / Redbull BCOne All Stars | USA

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