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GB Clara Bajado aka Clara

C1XB Tänzerin, Choreographin, Trainerin
aus Paris (Frankreich)
derzeit London (Großbritannien)

Clara specialises in House Dance & Hip Hop Freestyle. Hailing from Paris, France and now based in London, UK Clara has danced alongside famous dancers and choreographers such as Brian ‘Footwork’ Green, Jazzy Jay (NYC), Niels ‘Storm’ Robitzky from Berlin, Nasty & Hugson from France and many more. Clara has been instrumental in promoting the House Dance culture here in London through her creative workshops at both Pineapple Studios, Studio 68 and Breakstation and most recently in producing the official UK qualifier for Juste Debout. Clara became a Nike Athlete after winning the Nike Danceclash solo competition in 2007 in London. Her talents as both a dancer and choreographer have led her to build an international career that continues to grow from strength to strength.