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GB Michael Oladele aka Bagsy

M6YO Tänzer, Choreograph, Trainer
37 Jahre
aus London (England)

Born in South London grew up in Stockwell and lived most of life aiming to become either a scientist, pilot or engineer. Ended up studying Aeronautical engineering at Loughborough University and received a masters in the process. Worked for Rolls Royce plc in Bristol, Filton Parkway and commissioned to aid in the design develop of a gas turbine Engine (F-135 liftfan) for the Joint Strike Fighter. Travelled to Japan for 4 years, learned the language and proficient in reading, writing and speaking Japanese at Higher conversation and lower Business level.
Study the style of streetdance around the world mainly in JAPAN, NEW YORK, LA and various workshops in and around Europe. I am a dancer and I love music first..that is why I dance. I studied LOCKING, HOUSE, WAACKING to a level that I am able to pass on knowledge of the art in a highly energetic, informative and inspiring way. Now I teach, battle, host and organise events of all styles.

Nächste Veranstaltungen mit Bagsy

+ 10.07.2023 AT Summer Dance University 2023

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