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10.06.2023 morgen, Schweiz
CH Veli's All Style Battle
Kids 2vs2 Adults 1vs1 All Style's

10.06.2023 morgen, Schweiz
NEXjam - 2vs2 Kids Breaking Battle Mit drei Alterskategorien: - 11 Jahre - 14 Jahre - 17 Jahre Wir starten eine neue Kids Breaking Serie. Mehr Infos...

10.06.2023 morgen, Deutschland
DE Breathe in Break Out 2023 - International Breaking Festival in Halle/Saale (Germany)
On Saturday, June 10th, the Steintor Varieté will get down to business again, when over 100 break dancers from all over the world will dance against ea...

10.06.2023 morgen, Vereinigte Staaten
US B-Girl City Qualifier Denver 2023 - National Breaking Battle in Denver (USA)
Bgirl City is achieving more with our initiatives than ever before, and we are very proud of the progress we continue to make. We are excited to bring y...

16.06.2023 - 18.06.2023 in 7 Tagen, Schweiz
CH Find your Flow - International Hip Hop Festival in Riedholz (Switzerland)
The largest urban dance festival in Switzerland is returning this summer and promises to be a spectacular dance event! From June 16th to 18th, 2023, the...

16.06.2023 in 7 Tagen, Norwegen
NO Norwegian Championships - Breaking & Hip Hop 2023
Norges Danseforbund og seksjonen for Street Styles, i samarbeid med NIF, Norsk Tipping og NRK inviterer til Norgesmesterskapet 2023 i Breaking og Hip Ho...

17.06.2023 - 18.06.2023 in 8 Tagen, Deutschland
DE Hip Hop Grand Slam & DTV Ranking Battle - National Breaking & All Style Battle in Hamburg (Germany)
Welcome to the 'HIP HOP GRAND SLAM' and the last DTV Ranking Battle of the season on 17./18. June 2023 in Hamburg. The Active City Arena at Heiligengeis...

17.06.2023 - 18.06.2023 in 8 Tagen, Spanien
ES WDSF BfG International Series - Madrid - Spain
Organizer contact vcasanovas@sevenmila.co ...

18.06.2023 in 9 Tagen, Großbritannien
The 2023-2024 season of the FUJIFILM INSTAX Undisputed Masters takes place in London, IBE (holland), New York, Sao Paulo, Dubai and Tokyo. On Sunday 18...

23.06.2023 in 14 Tagen, Deutschland
DE Kultur im Zelt Hip Hop Night 2023 - Regional Dance & Music Event in Burghausen (Germany)
Eine geballte Ladung Hip Hop rollt auf Burghausen zu und schlägt bei Kultur im Zelt auf. Hamburgs Hip Hop Urgestein Marc „Sleepwalker“ Wichmann...

24.06.2023 in 15 Tagen, Schweiz
CH The Movement ARENA 2023 - International Urban Dance Festival in Basel (Switzerland)
On Saturday, June 24, 2023, «the movement» invites international and local greats as well as young talents of urban hip-hop movement art to compete in...

24.06.2023 - 25.06.2023 in 15 Tagen, Österreich
AT Phantasien - Dance Show 2023 - magisch, mystisch und fantastisch

24.06.2023 - 25.06.2023 in 15 Tagen, Niederlande
NL World Breaking Classic | WORLD FINAL 2023 - a full weekend of breaking and parties
June 24th Ketelhuisplein - Qualifiers + Jams & GEMS festival Get ready for the Jams & Gems Festival where The Ruggeds share their hidden gems, rough di...

24.06.2023 - 25.06.2023 in 15 Tagen, Kanada
CA CDS National Championship 2023

24.06.2023 in 15 Tagen, Niederlande
NL Battle Event 2 | International Dance League S23 - International Urban Dance Battles in Rotterdam (Netherlands)
CATEGORIES:• 1vs1 Hip Hop • 1vs1 Open Styles • 5vs5 Crew Open Styles DEEJAYS:• Jolani Jhones (Netherlands) • DJ Passive (Netherlands) JUDGES...

25.06.2023 in 16 Tagen, Japan
JP JDSF Breaking Block Battle Series 2023 – Kansai - National Breaking Battle in Osaka (Japan)
Welcome to the 'JDSF Breaking Block Battle Series 2023' for the Japan Block Championships Ranking. These regional tournaments leading to the 'All Japan ...

25.06.2023 in 16 Tagen, Spanien
ES Summer Battle Pro 2023 - International Breaking Battle in Madrid (Spain)
Welcome to 'Summer Battle Pro' on Saturday, 25 June 2023 at Teatros del Canal in Madrid (Spain). Participate and win your spot for the 'Battle Pro World...

26.06.2023 - 27.06.2023 in 17 Tagen, Polen
PL 2023 European Games Breaking - Nowy Sącz - Poland
The third edition of the European Games is set to take place in Kraków and the regions of Małopolska and Śląsk in Poland from 21 June to 2 July 2023...

30.06.2023 - 01.07.2023 in 21 Tagen, Slowenien
SI Break The Floor Slovenia 2023 - International Breaking Battle in Celje (Slovenia)
Original BREAK THE FLOOR ☆☆☆☆ Slovenia - Celje ☆☆☆☆☆ INTERNATIONAL ORIGINAL JAM SAVE THE DATES for the Original BREAK THE FLOOR Slove...

30.06.2023 - 01.07.2023 in 21 Tagen, Deutschland
DE Munich Mash Streetdance Battles - International Breaking & All Style Battle in Munich (Germany)
It has always been like this: MASH loves new ideas! Formats and set-ups are fine-tuned every year, and the MASH FEST is supplemented with new artists an...

01.07.2023 - 02.07.2023 in 22 Tagen, Deutschland
DE Fishbattle - International Breaking Battle
Battles - U16 4vs4 - Pros 3vs3 13.00 UHR Workshops Breakin Advanced mit Flo Breakin Beginner 15.00 Uhr Einlass Battles JUDGES Jilou Steelish (Battal...

01.07.2023 in 22 Tagen, Vereinigte Staaten
US Rock City 2023 - Freestyle Session Qualifier
Freestyle Session Qualifier For Cash Price Top16 spot at FSS

06.07.2023 - 06.08.2023 in 27 Tagen, Österreich
AT Impulstanz 2023 - International Dance Festival in Vienna (Austria)
Founded in 1984, the ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival has developed into the largest festival for contemporary dance and performance. Ev...

08.07.2023 - 09.07.2023 in 29 Tagen, Deutschland
DE mth Final Showing 2023 - Dance Show of the Move Too Hot Company in Burghausen (Germany)
Herzlich Willkommen zur großen Jahresaufführung 2023 von 'Burghausen tanzt by movetoohot' am 8. und 9. Juli 2023 im Stadtsaal Burghausen. Unt...

08.07.2023 - 09.07.2023 in 29 Tagen, Deutschland
DE German Breaking Championship 2023
German Breaking Championship 2023 (DTV) KATEGORIEN:• 1vs1 B-Boys • 1vs1 B-Girls Samstag, 08. Juli 2023 B-Boys 1vs1 • Pre-Selection • Top 32 P...

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