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TR Oğuzhan Karademir aka Jester

J2XE Dancer
26 Years
from Ankara (Turkey)
at present Antalya (Turkey)

Highlights & Achievements

2021 - Top 32 | Top32 1vs1 Outbreak Europe 2021

2015 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Eastern Europe Final 2015

Upcoming Events with Jester

+ 18.10.2023 FR Red Bull BC One Camp Paris 2023

and8 TV:
Battling their way to the top Jester is the Red Bull BC One Cypher Turkey 2022 b-boy champion See what happens: 00:00 - Battle start00:10 - Jester Round 100:52 - C01NK Round 101:19 - Jester Round 201:49 - C01NK Round 202:18 - Jester Round 302:55 - C01NK Round 303:28 - Judges' Decision Want more? Watch other Red Bull BC One Cypher livestreams from this year: https://win.gs/RedBullBCOne_Cyphers2022Click to Subscribe to Red Bull BC One: http://win.gs/SubtoBCOne----Giving wings to dancers and fans ...
and8 TV:
  • Red Bull BC One World Final 2016 in Nagoya (Japan)
  • List with the invited TOP15 B-Boys
  • Last Chance Cypher two days before the World Final
  • List with qualified B-Boys for the Last Chance Cypher

same Crew:
SE Fero
battle vs:
FR Lagaet
UA Robin