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HK Jessica Siu aka Cenamirage

J4WS aka Mirage
31 Years
from Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China)

Co-Founder & Director - Giri Guru (Holdings) Ltd. - Creative
Leader & Director - UTLR852 Breaking Club Ltd. - Breaking
Committee Member - Kayes Ellis Foundation
Hong Kong Breaking Team

After graduating from Ravensbourne College of Communication and Design with a First Class Honours in BA Animation, Jessica went on to join the animation industry as a Junior 3D Artist at Smoke & Mirrors in London in 2017. Alongside the Smoke & Mirrors team, she helped to create and produce adverts for global clients, such as Coca Cola, Hennessy XO, XL Catlin, Toyota, Heineken, Procenex, Chubb, Tesco and Samsung, amongst others.

From 2018, Jessica moved back to launch Giri Guru - A creative company comprised of a small group of professionals from the film and VFX industry who focus on making unique and original content to remind people to make the best of what we have. Giri Guru brings you along on a charming journey through the daily adventures of 4 original characters known as Skip, Poko, Melvin and Kico; learning to navigate around how the world works, finding time for fun and play and most importantly come together over delicious food!

While running Giri Guru, Jessica is also the director of UTLR852 Breaking Club Ltd., known by most as “獅子山下 Under The Lion’s Rock” . Through UTLR852 and her past projects, with the support of the Kayes Ellis Foundation, Jessica has organised over 20+ breaking competitions, 10+ workshops, body care sessions and tours locally and internationally (Hong Kong, U.K., South Korea, Japan etc.).