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RO Noris Menotti Lobontiu aka Noris

N5XL Dancer
32 Years
from Satu Mare (Romania)
at present Timisoara (Romania)
active since 2004

Noris Menotti Lobontiu aka BBoy Noris from Romania was born in the mid of December 1991. Since his childhood dancing was always around him until he fully get into Breaking in the end of the year 2004. He tried different sports as soccer, karate, MMA as well as ballroom dance but until his introduction to the Hip Hop and Breaking scene nothing stuck into his heart this deep. For him dancing is a heart thing and that's how he tries to send out only positive energy and vibes while moving and rocking to the music. Today he proudly feels like an survey engineer always trying to exceed himself. He is working hard to put his name, crew and country on the map of the international Breaking scene. Since 2005 he is part of the great B.Element Crew (Break Element Crew) from Romania in which he was grown as a dancer and also as a person. In other words for him B.Element is an essential milestone, foundation and approach to the culture. For Noris Breaking is an important part of his life a love which will guide him to meet more and more other Breaking lovers from around the globe.