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CA Philip Kim aka Phil Wizard

P1ZP Dancer
25 Years
from Vancouver (Canada)

Highlights & Achievements

2018 - Winner | Top16 1vs1 The Notorious IBE 2018

2018 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Silverback Open Championships 2018 – 1vs1 Open
2018 - Top 8 | Top16 1vs1 Outbreak Europe 2018 (Undisputed)

2017 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Undisputed USA Solo Battle - San Diego - 2 Day All Age Event

2016 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Freestyle Session World Finals 2016

and8 TV:
☆ 4 vs 4 crew battle (with a twist)☆ top8-to-Smoke☆ Special guest judges☆ Performances☆ Party and SocialsThis year’s crew battle will be a 4v4, with a twist! For those crews who make the top 8, they must choose one rep to go into a seven-to-smoke format. Which means, crews will have a chance to win two times!*the top 8 will go into a 3v3 format, and one representative will be chosen to into a seven-to- smoke format.*We hope this all makes sense*Gather your crews y’all!!BBOYS Featur...
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