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ES Graciel Stenio Lisboa Recio aka Grazy

G6XR Dancer
35 Years
from Madrid (Spain)
at present Villagarcía de Arosa (Spain)

Highlights & Achievements

2016 - Top 4 | Top16 1vs1 The Notorious IBE 2016

and8 TV:
BRKN’ Quiz, the first and only bgirl and bboy breaking quiz in the world. Done by bgirls and bboys for bgirls and bboys whose knowledge will be tested to see if they have anything else than some windmills.Xak & Grazy vs Steez & Katsu battling to avoid being the losers who have to do whatever the winners want them to doA crazy ride filled with laughers and challenging games presenting by bboy SmurfTime code 00:00 Intro00:29 Pay the price by Ronnie & Twixx1:37 Guests presentation03:25 Quotes06:0...

battle vs:
UA Kuzya
PL Kleju
UA Drud
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