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AT Richard Nguyen aka Phreez

R5XN Dancer
30 Years
from Linz (Austria)
active since 2010

Highlights & Achievements

2017 - Top 4 | Top16 1vs1 Beast.Mode Battle - Vol. 4 - 1vs1 Breaking
2017 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Dance & Style Battle 2017 - 1vs1 Breaking

2016 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Urban Art Session 2016
2016 - Top 8 | Top16 1vs1 Dance & Style Battle 2016


of The Only Kingz

Dance & Style Battle 2017 - Recap
Dance & Style Battle 2017 at Sport & Fun Expo at Messe Ried i. Innkreis (Austria) on March, 11th 2017 1vs1 Battle of the Year Central Europe Qualifier 2...

Show Your Skillz 2017 - Official Recap
Show Your Skillz Battle 2017 at the Arkade Linz (Austria) on Saturday January, 7th 2017 Winner 2vs2 Hip Hop: Argi & Joe Joe (Austria) Winner 1vs1 Break...

Bboy Alex wins at Ann and Battle 2016 Part II

Attention: this is a past event.
Saturday, December 10th 2016, Austria
AT Ann and Battle 2016 - Part II - Regional Urban Dance Battle in Linz (Austria)

Incredible but it's true! They've made it!
Team Austria fährt zum Battle of the Year International nach Essen (Germany) am Samstag, 29. Oktober 2016 findet der große Showdown statt ber...

Team Austria is ready for BOTY Central Europe 2016
Battle of the Year Central Europe 2016 at X-tra in Zurich (Switzerland) during the international Nothing But Flavor Festival 2016 Team Austria will part...

Small but nice - Ann and Battle in Linz
regional "Ann and Battle" on Saturday 7th May 2016 at the youth center Ann and Pat in Linz (Austria) Winner 2vs2 Breaking: Kidoum & Harlekin Winner 1vs1...

Good vibes at the Spring Break Battle 2016
the first Spring Break Battle in Gmunden (Austria) at the SEP Shopping Center on Saturday 30th April 2016 Winner 1vs1 Kids: Alex from Linz Winner 2vs2 B...

and8 TV:
The Only Kingz with new trailer 2016
the group "The Only Kingz" presents the new trailer B-Boying/Breaking from Upper Austria and Vienna (Austria) The Only Kingz are one of the heads of the...