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Mynavi JDSF Breaking Japan Open 2022

Breaking for Gold Challenge Tokyo 2022

part of the Event Series: Breaking for Gold (BfG), Japan Breaking Championships
Saturday, November 19th 2022
JP IHI Stage Around Tokyo
6 Chome-4-25 Toyosu, Koto City, 135-0061 Tokyo (Google Maps)


• Quota per Country: There is no limit to the number of dancers that each WDSF Member Body can nominate. Important! Athletes shall have valid WDSF MIN.
• Category: All WDSF license Athletes are eligible to participate if they are born on or before dec 31st 2008.
• Closing of registration: Nov 12th 2022.
• Requirement: Active License WDSF 2022 available at ecards.worlddancesport.org
• Travel expenses and hotel accommodation must be paid by the participants.
• The registration fee is ¥3,000.
• All officials and accompanying persons participating in the Breaking for Gold Challenge series are required to pay ¥3,000 yen. (Payment at the venue entrance on the day of the event./Standing)
• Judging system Threefold (3 criteria)