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and8 provides a great number of opportunities and applications before, during and after your event.

Preparation & Setup

- Fill in your event information
- define Battle Rundown & Settings (how many rounds per battle, Best-of 3, ...)
- define Judging Interface (One Fader, Threefold Value Interface, Trivium Value Interface, ...)
- define Battle formats (Top 8, Top 16, Top 32, ...)


- Promote your Event Information
- add a Trailer or Recap Video
- present the Event Line Up


- Participants can sign up online in advance


- Check-in on spot or self check-in

Presentation on Screen:

- Start lists (Preselection)
- Battle-Tree (Bracket)
- versus view of current battle
- results of the current battle
- Show Event Logo, Slideshows or Video

Additional applications:

- Livestream implementation
- Realtime updates via www.and8.live webpage
- Photo implementations of participants

Documentation and printing lists

- Evaluation of results
- Rankings
- Starting lists
- Full data of all participants

Technical Requirements

- stable internet connection
- Laptop connected to the Screen (Windows or Linux OS with Firefox installed)
- Screen: Size 16:9 (Full HD)
- Laptop for Management (any OS and Browser)
- Voting Devices for Judges: Depending on the number of judges
- and8 account

For further information about the system as well as all requests concerning the use of this system at your event please do not hesitate to contact us: office@and8.dance

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