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FR Kaê Carvalho aka Kaê

K9XC Dancer
24 Years
from Rennes (France)
at present Combourg (France)

Highlights & Achievements

2018 - 2nd Place | Top16 1vs1 The Legits Blast 2018 Winter Festival (Undisputed)

2018 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Outbreak Europe 2018 (Undisputed)

and8 TV:
Down for another round Mathis is the Red Bull BC One Cypher France 2022 b-boy champion See what happens: 0:00 - Battle start00:06 - Mathis Round 100:43 - Kae Round 101:32 - Mathis Round 202:17 - Kae Round 202:47 - Mathis Round 303:33 - Kae Round 304:35 - Judges' Decision Missed out on Red Bull BC One Cypher France 2022? Check out what went down: https://win.gs/Cypher_France2022 Want more? Watch other Red Bull BC One Cypher livestreams from this year: https://win.gs/RedBullBCOne_Cyphers2022Click...

same Crew:
FR Ayaa
battle vs:
UA Kuzya
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