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金曜日, 28. - 日曜日, 30. 6月 2024 3日後のイベント, Switzerland
CH Find Your Flow Festival 2024 - International Urban Dance Festival in Solothurn (Switzerland)
Welcome to the largest open-air dance art festival in Switzerland! Prizes and Prize Money: 32,000 CHF! It's that time again: The Find Your Flow Festiva...

土曜日, 29. - 日曜日, 30. 6月 2024 4日後のイベント, Netherlands
NL World Breaking Classic World Final 2024
JUNE 29th QUALIFIERS 14:00 - 21:00 14:00: Doors open + Registration 15:00 Start Last Chance Qualifier 20:00 Golden round DONNA Philitelaan 57 5617AK...

土曜日, 29. 6月 2024 4日後のイベント, Canada
CA The Breaking Draft
Presented by Harbourfront Centre and Breaking Canada Saturday, June 29, 2024 Harbourfront Centre newly renovated square right by the boardwalk Crew ba...

金曜日, 5. - 日曜日, 7. 7月 2024 10日後のイベント, Slovenia
SI Break the Floor Slovenia 2024 - International Breaking Battle & Jam in Celje (Slovenia)
SAVE THE DATES for the 17th edition of the Original BREAK THE FLOOR Slovenia on 5th and 6th July 2024. - International Original Jam in Slovenia-Celje. ...

金曜日, 5. 7月 2024 10日後のイベント, Indonesia
ID HipHop Jam Vol 12 Banda Aceh - 15th Anniversary of HNS
HipHop Jam Vol 12 BANDA ACEH celebrating 15th anniversary of HNS HNS (hipHop NAD Syndicate) is Hiphop Community in Aceh, with full element of hiphop. ...

土曜日, 6. 7月 2024 11日後のイベント, Austria
AT Streetdance Battle Series Upper Austria – Vol. 2 - Regional Urban Dance Battles in Linz (Austria)
Willkommen bei der Streetdance Battle Series Upper Austria 2024. Die Series located in OÖ besteht 2024 aus 4 Battles, an denen alle nationalen und inte...

土曜日, 6. 7月 2024 11日後のイベント, Germany
DE Smoke the Circle Vol. 7
Welcome to the 7th edition of Smoke the Circle Keep up for 1vs1 Breaking Kids (up to 16 years old), 1vs1 Breaking Pro and 2vs2 Allstyle Battles await y...

土曜日, 6. 7月 2024 11日後のイベント, Austria
AT ASKÖ Breaking State Championship 2024 - Regional Breaking Battle in Linz (Austria)
Herzlich willkommen zur ASKÖ Landesmeisterschaft für Oberösterreich im Breaking am 6. Juli 2024 im Last by Schachermayr in Linz (Austria). Hi...

土曜日, 6. - 日曜日, 7. 7月 2024 11日後のイベント, Germany
DE I am Art Battle
Get ready for an unforgettable experience at our I am Art Experimental Battle! Each round in this unique battle is a thrilling journey of creativity and...

木曜日, 11. 7月 - 日曜日, 11. 8月 2024 16日後のイベント, Austria
AT Impulstanz 2024 - International Dance Festival in Vienna (Austria)
Founded in 1984, the ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival has developed into the largest festival for contemporary dance and performance. Ev...

金曜日, 12. - 日曜日, 14. 7月 2024 17日後のイベント, Canada

土曜日, 13. - 日曜日, 14. 7月 2024 18日後のイベント, Germany
DE mth Jahresaufführung 2024 - Tanzshow der Move Too Hot Company in Burghausen (Germany)
Herzlich Willkommen zur großen Jahresaufführung 2024 von 'Burghausen tanzt by movetoohot' am 13. und 14. Juli 2024 im Stadtsaal Burghausen. I...

土曜日, 13. - 日曜日, 14. 7月 2024 18日後のイベント, Germany
DE Fishbattle 2024 - International Breaking Battle in Rostock (Germany)
13.07.24 Workshops Breaking Anfänger: Keyrawk Breaking Fortgeschritten: Soulex Battles 3vs3 U16 Judges: BBoy Ouloulou, Tayfun, Keyrawk Battles 3...

土曜日, 13. 7月 2024 18日後のイベント, Switzerland
CH NEXjam - Youth Battle 2vs2
Kidz & Youth Breaking Battle 2vs2 Europaalee Fest 2024 • Europaalle Fest 2024 Line-up TBA Registration & Check-in Registration on spot 14:00 Prog...

土曜日, 13. 7月 2024 18日後のイベント, Germany
DE FlowGames 2024 - International Urban Dance Battle in Puchheim, München (Germany)
# **FlowGames 24'** ## Date: 13.07.2024 ## Categories: - HipHop 1vs1 - Popping 1vs1 ## Judges: - Sihäm - Joel Brown - Dimi ## DJs: - Poppin...

土曜日, 13. 7月 2024 18日後のイベント, Germany
DE BÄÄM DANCE EVENT 4.0 (All Style Battle)
# INFO Date: 13.07.2024 Time: 12 Uhr Entry Location: Kupferdächle, Kallhardtstraße 31, Pforzheim # BATTLE START: - ca. 12 - 13 Uhr - bis c...

月曜日, 15. - 土曜日, 27. 7月 2024 20日後のイベント, Switzerland
CH The Summer Session 2024 - Urban Dance Festival

月曜日, 22. - 日曜日, 28. 7月 2024 27日後のイベント, Estonia
EE Camp of Hip-Hop Lifestyle Camp: 20 Years Anniversary - International Hip-Hop & Lifestyle Camp near Tallinn (Estonia)
CAMP OF HIP-HOP IS COMING SOON! This year we are going to have 20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY ☀️

土曜日, 27. - 日曜日, 28. 7月 2024 32日後のイベント, Germany
DE Summertime in the LBC - Vol. III - Dance Battle in Stuttgart
save the date # Biggest Dance Battle in the South of Germany This edition will be even bigger with more showcases and special guests to round up an ext...

土曜日, 27. 7月 2024 32日後のイベント, Switzerland
CH Can you bounce? - 1vs1 Hip Hop Battle

土曜日, 27. 7月 2024 32日後のイベント, Switzerland
CH Style Twice - 2vs2 All Styles Battle

土曜日, 27. 7月 2024 32日後のイベント, Estonia
EE Camp Of Hip-Hop Battle Day 2024
Estonian Street Dancers' Association in cooperation with Estonian Dance Sport Association is organizing the Cup Competitions and Championships in Upper ...

金曜日, 2. - 土曜日, 3. 8月 2024 38日後のイベント, Germany
DE Munich Mash Streetdance Battles 2024 - International Breaking & All Style Battle in Munich (Germany)
The MASH Youngster Streetdance celebrated a brilliant premiere last year. The dancers thrilled the audience with their different styles and personal fla...

土曜日, 3. 8月 2024 39日後のイベント, Austria
AT Break to the Woods 2024 - International Breaking Battle in Klagenfurt (Austria)

月曜日, 5. - 日曜日, 11. 8月 2024 41日後のイベント, Estonia
EE Slick Dogg's Popping Camp 2024 - International Hip-Hop & Lifestyle Camp near Tallinn (Estonia)
Camp of Hip-Hop represents: Slick Dogg Popping Camp 2024

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