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GB Benjamin Banishahi aka Shahi

B1YB Dancer
25 Years
from Teheran (Iran)
at present London (Great Britain)

Chiseling at his craft for over a decade, grateful for the experiences and journeys he been fortunate to have been on. He's been participating in various competitions all around the world from a young age and is driven to push the level. His style involves a high paced, dynamic, ferocious movement that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Highlights & Achievements

2020 - Top 16 | Top32 1vs1 The Legits Blast Prague 2020

Attention: this is a past event.
sexta-feira, 26. - domingo, 28. abril 2024, Hungary
HU Cypher Town Hip-Hop Festival 2024 - The Celebration of Hip-Hop Culture and Music in Budapest
Budapest is once again at the heart of hip-hop enthusiasts as we organise the Cypher Town Hip-Hop Festival again. The event, taking place at the OFF Ku...

Attention: this is a past event.
domingo, 23. Fevereiro 2020, Great Britain
GB Groovanometry | The 2020 Vision - International Hip Hop Battle in Manchester (UK)
CATEGORIES:UK vs EUROPE exhibition battle: • 8vs8 Hip Hop / Popping • 8vs8 Breaking • 4vs4 Kids • 12 dancers will be invited for each battle ...