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IT Alessandra Chillemi aka Alessandrina

A7ZC Tанцовщица
23 Год
из Messina (Italy)
в данное время Milan (Italy)

Alessandra Chillemi, aka Alessandrina, hails from Messina (Sicily). She’s living and studying in Milan. She started breaking when she was only 6 years old and started to compete when she was 8. In the last years she won several competitions.


• BC One Cypher Italy 2019
• First Place, 1vs1 B-Girl al “BBoy Contest International – Marsiglia (Francia)
• First Place, 1vs1 B-Girl (Italy Represent) al “BBoy Europe 2017” – Calais (Francia)
• Top 8, 2vs2 B-Girl a “The Notorious IBE, 2015” – Heerlen (Olanda)
• First Place, 1vs1 B-Girl a “International Street Dance Fest, 2015” – Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

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Got the vibe going Alessandrina is the Red Bull BC One Cypher Italy 2022 b-girl champion See what happens:00:00 - Battle start00:04 - Lexy Round 101:05 - Alessandrina Round 101:48 - Lexy Round 202:42 - Alessandrina Round 203:15 - Lexy Round 304:03 - Alessandrina Round 304:44 - Judges' Decision Missed out on Red Bull BC One Cypher Italy 2022? Check out what went down: https://win.gs/Cypher_Italy2022Want more? Watch other Red Bull BC One Cypher livestreams from this year: https://win.gs/RedBullBC...

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