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AT Kevin Holzinger aka Ghostface

K7XH Tанцор
29 Год
из Feldkirch (Austria)
в данное время Innsbruck (Austria)
aктивный c 2008


2017 - Top 8 | Top8 1vs1 Austrian Hip Hop Championship 2017 - 1vs1 Adults
2017 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2017
2017 - Top 8 | Top16 1vs1 Queen & King of Style Battle #25 - 1vs1 Breaking
2017 - Top 8 | Top8 1vs1 Urban Art Session 2017 - 1vs1 Breaking

2016 - Top 4 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2016
2016 - Top 4 | Top8 1vs1 Beast.Mode Battle Vol. 3

2015 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2015


в Innsbreakers
с тех пор как 2006 в Power Tricking Crew (PTC)
с тех пор как 2015 в Team Austria

  • Infected Floor Battle in Innsbruck (Austria)
  • at Orangerie (Congress) on September, 9th 2017
  • Winner 1vs1 Hip Hop: P-Soul (Germany)
  • Winner 2vs2 Breaking: Lil Zoo & Ghostface (Austria)
  • Winner Crew vs Crew: AMK (Austria)
  • Judges: Freeze (SWE), Fabreezy (FR), Salomon (FR), Funky-T (AT), Jo-L (GER)
  • Music: DJ Renegade (UK), DJ AKE (IT) | Host: Mario (AT), T-Ser (AT)
  • Queen & King of Style #25 in Linz (Austria)
  • at Stadtwerkstatt on March, 31st 2017
  • Winner 1vs1 Breaking: Avatar Joe (Austria)
  • Winner 1vs1 Me against the Music: Thalia (Austria)
  • Judges: CheChe (AT), Harlekin (AT), Lina (AT), Loftex (AT)
  • Music by DJ Clumzy (AT) | Host: Intus (AT)
  • First exchange and research day within the scope of T.E.R.P.
  • at FRK Dance School in Dornbirn (Austria) on Wednesday July, 6th 2016
  • initiators: Artur Libanio, Patrick Grigo and Mike Saretzki
  • Essential points: Dance games, methods, didactics and pedagogics
  • Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher 2016
  • at Lloonbase 36 in Vienna (Austria) on 23rd April 2016
  • the TOP16 B-Boys of the Austrian scene
  • Winner: Miracle Smile, United Minds (Vienna)
  • Judges: Lil Ceng (Germany), Wing (Korea), Mounir (France)
  • Hosts: Mario Bee (Netherlands) and Knuffelbunt (Austria)
  • amazing show by Phorm (France)
  • on the turntables: DJ Fleg (USA)
  • Red Bull BC One Austria Cypher Qualifier 2016
  • at Come2together in Vienna (Austria) on 22 April 2016
  • 57 participants took part in the preselection
  • the best 9 dancers qualified for the final round of the TOP16
  • Judges: Lil Ceng (Germany), Wing (Korea), Mounir (France)
  • Hosts: Dr. Ill (Austria) and Knuffelbunt (Austria)
  • On the turntables: DJ Fleg (USA)
  • International Beast.Mode Battle in Vienna (Austria)
  • on Saturday 9th April 2016 at Hallmann Dome
  • Jam, Cyphers, Battles and Workshops
  • Winner 1vs1 Breaking: Rock'n'Rolli
  • Winner 1vs1 Popping: Avis
  • Winner 1vs1 Hip Hop: Regina
  • Judges: Cico (Italy), Blondy (France), Paradox (Netherlands)
  • on the turntables: DJ KipRaq (Italy), DJ Asfalte (France)
  • Host: Bboyhost Godfather (Switzerland)
  • Europe Battle Pro 2016 at Stadthaus Ulm (Germany)
  • official qualification for Marseille Battle Pro 2016
  • Team Austria represented with two crews
  • reach 3rd place
  • first Austrian All-Star-Team rocks BOTY Central Europe
  • Team Austria originated by Mike Saretzki aka Funky Mike
  • dancers from 5 Austrian crews came together
  • 2 weeks of preparation and 6 hours of training together
  • Austrian B-Boys reach place 3
  • Red Bull sponsors the team-outfit
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