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TW Chen Sun aka Quake

S5QC Tанцор
23 Год
из Hsinchu (Taiwan)
aктивный c 2010


в City4KGB
в Sight Team
в KGB Crew

and8 TV:
Taipei Bboy City 2020 Fight Covid19 1vs1 Livestream"The only real breakin’ battle in the world during Covid-19"Due to Covid-19, many big events in the world got canceled, many countries lockdown. We are lucky in Taiwan, and the virus situation is under control here.So we want to do something to motivate the world breaking community, make everyone keep dancing, keep training & keep breaking.Taipei Bboy City:Facebook: https://bit.ly/3clskGl Instagram: https://bit.ly/36NERkJ Official Website: htt...
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