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IT Daniele Vergos aka Daga

D2XV aka Danny the Daga
Tанцор, Xореограф, Tренер
34 Год
из Siracusa (Italy)
в данное время Rome (Italy)
aктивный c 2002

When I was 12 years old my brother Dario made me closer to hip hop environment of my city
(Siracusa) and immediately decided that this was the life I wanted to do was love at first sight. My style is explosive and energetic combining originality and technique. My approach is very open and dynamic trying to get to the heart of people. My signature move is a swing in the air tapping my feet and landing back ''DAGALTALENA''. The name ‘’DAGA’’, and after ‘’DANNYTHEDAGA’’, was given to me by a friend as it is a ‘’knife fighter’’ and I are reflected immediately in full effect as if the name chose me. Actually the Italian scene is growing up year after year in every aspect . With my crew we are getting so many results and we are continuing on this path . The spot is located in Lecce ( south italy ) where the group is born .
I was always inspired by the older generation of bboys as makes it more real , from music , from my crew , my family and all that can bring an improvement to what I do looking for new ways to approach to life and then to hip hop . I had the two accidents that were going to stop me but my perseverance and my will and the way of looking at life in a positive way have made me believe in my dreams . Thanks to this that my life has changed from the relationship with the people up to the inner staff, has given a chance to express my freedom of life.Currently I teach in dance schools in the afternoon and in the morning to the elementary school where the message gets direct and pure at children and seeing them happy makes me more happy and motivated . Besides this I work in theater waiting for new work experience. Personally I think that the consistency,determination and desire to do are the weapons to be able to get what you want,leading a healthy and balanced life.With hard work you can achieve anything. The goals I hope to achieve is to be recognized in worldwide scene.I will try to push and support myself and my crew at the most I can. Now i’m looking for RedbullBcone , Uk BBoy Championships, Boty , R-16 , Freestyle Session, World Bboy Classic, Outbreak Europe and many others.


2021 - Top 32 | Top32 1vs1 Outbreak Europe 2021

2019 - Top 16 | Top32 1vs1 The Legits Blast Winter 2019

2017 - Top 4 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Italy Cypher 2017

2015 - Top 16 | Top16 1vs1 Red Bull BC One Western European Final 2015

South Invasion 2004 Crew vs Crew 2nd Place
South Invasion2006 1vs1 1st Place
Bboy Rappresent(R)ing 2006 Crew vs Crew 1st Place
South Bomb2007 3vs3 1st Place
Nice 2 beat You 2009 2vs2 1st Place
Saint Etienne(France) Porto Carres - 2nd Place
Battle of the Year 2009 - Best Showcase
Battle of the Year 2010 - 2nd Place
ColorContest 2013,2014
Floorology 2013
R-16 Italy 2013
Battle Of The Year Italy 2013 - 2nd Place
Battle Of The Year Italy 2014 + Best Showcase
Raw Circles Italy2014
Raw Circles Europe Qualifier 2014 - 2nd Place
Freestyle Session Italy 2014
Hip Hop Connection 2014 2nd Place
Circle Of Honor 2014 2nd Place
Gold 'n Steel 2015 Pescara
World BBoy Classic Italy 2015 2nd Place
So Fresh Battle in Tolosa 1 Place
Outbreak Italy Qualifier 2015 1 Place
Red Bull Bc One Italy 2015 Winner


в Last Alive Crew

Attention: this is a past event.
суббота, 12. ноябрь 2022, United States
US Red Bull BC One World Final 2022 - International Breaking Battle in New York (USA)
For its 19th edition, the Red Bull BC One World Final returns to New York City, the birthplace of hip-hop, to celebrate breaking heritage and crown this...

and8 TV:
B-Boy Amaro vs. B-Boy Daga | Final | Red Bull BC One Cypher Italy 2022
Make it or break it Daga is the Red Bull BC One Cypher Italy 2022 b-boy champion See what happens: 00:00 - Battle start 00:03 - Amaro Round 1 00:46...

Attention: this is a past event.
воскресенье, 19. декабрь 2021, Italy
IT World Kidz Breaking Championship Italy Qualifier - National Breaking Battle in Siracusa (Italy)
the BBoy & BGirl winners of the Italy qualifier will travel to the WKBC world final on June- 3rd to 5th 2022 in Slovenia LINE-UP:JUDGES : • Daga (Ita...

Attention: this is a past event.
суббота, 18. апрель 2020, Italy
IT Like a Bomb! 2020 5th Anniversary - International Breaking Battle in Milan (Italy)
• BATTLE: -2vs2 International open ( max150 couples ) -1vs1 International kids ( max 150 dancers ) -5vs5 Explosion showcase • WHEN? Saturday 18 ap...

Attention: this is a past event.
суббота, 26. - воскресенье, 27. январь 2019, Italy
IT 524 Skills Battle 2019 - International Urban Dance Battle in Cesena (Italy)
CATEGORIES:• 1vs1 Breaking (under 15) • 1vs1 Hip Hop (under 15) • 1vs1 Breaking Open • 1vs1 Hip Hop Open • 2vs2 Mixed Style Open DEEJAY:• S...